Top 12 Apps for Homeowners and Renters


More than 77 percent of people own a smartphone.1 The average person checks their smartphone 46 times a day, with people under the age of 24 checking it an average of 74 times a day.1 We check it while we’re waiting in line and during our leisure time, whether we’re scrolling through social media, reading emails or getting up-to-date on the latest news.

Smartphones are not only a useful tool for communication. With the following apps, you can get organized (whether you plan to buy or sell), save money, learn about the homes in your neighborhood and get inspired for your next renovation project. If you’re like 81 percent of people, you have your smartphone with you during most of your waking hours; let it help you stay organized and make your life easier.3

Apps For Homeowners: Get Renovation Inspiration
These apps not only offer ideas for your next remodel or home décor project, some of them even give you a preview of what your home may look like once it’s finished.

1.) Houzz (Free)
The Houzz app is the number one app for home design and it’s no wonder; the app gives you access to all the inspiration, blogs and design ideas from the Houzz site on your phone or tablet. The app features View in My Room 3D, which allows you to view products in your home before you buy. Just take a photo of the space and a 3D version of the product will appear. Browse products, save photos of designs you’d like to view later and connect with local professionals in your area. Whether you’re gathering ideas for your next renovation and décor project or you’re just browsing, the Houzz app will satisfy all your design needs.
(Android, iOS)

2.) iHandy Carpenter ($1.99)
Make sure the photos, shelves, mirrors and other artwork you hang are even and aligned with this helpful app. It’s an all-in-one tool kit that features a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, ruler and protractor. No need to purchase these tools separately; just hold your smartphone up to the wall and the app will take care of the rest.
(iOS, Android)

3.) Color911 ($3.99)
If you’re thinking of changing the color scheme of your home or want to find the right shades for lamp shades, rugs or throw pillows to match your vintage sofa, the Color911 app provides pre-selected color palettes to match any color scheme. Take a photo of the room or the furniture and the app will create a custom palette full of complementary colors. Write notes about your palette and organize it all into folders to share with family, friends or your design professional.

Bonus Apps for Homeowners:

AroundMe (Free)
Hungry and looking for a local hotspot? Meeting friends at a coffee shop nearby? Or just need to find the closest ATM? AroundMe allows you to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations, book a hotel or find a movie schedule close to where you live. Open the app and start learning more about your neighborhood. (iOS, Android, Windows)

BrightNest (Free)
From keeping things clean to making them colorful, Brightnest, developed by Angie’s List, is loaded with suggestions on how to make your home a better place to live. With categories of customized tips (money-saving, cleaning, eco-friendly, healthy, cooking, and creative) there are plenty of great ways to pull inspiration from the app. BrightNest will help you tackle important home tasks with easy-to-follow instructions, a personal schedule and helpful reminders. (iOS, Android, Web)

Apps For Sellers: List & Sell Your Home Quickly
Are you a homeowner who is thinking of selling? If you’re preparing to sell, you know there are a lot of tasks to complete before putting your home on the market. These apps help you manage your to-dos so you can list and sell your home more efficiently with fewer distractions.

4.) Homesnap (Free)
Using the Homesnap app, you can snap a photo of any home, nationwide, to learn more about it. When you’re ready to sell, snap a few of the homes in your neighborhood to find out their valuation. This app isn’t perfect, which is why you should always consult with a local real estate agent. However, it can give you a general idea of the value of your home compared to others in the neighborhood. (iOS and Android devices)

5.) Docusign (Free)
Use the DocuSign app to complete approvals and agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere and on any device. Quickly and securely access and sign any documents. The benefit to using the app (over your desktop computer) is you will receive push notifications when a document is waiting for your signature and you can view and organize all your docs on-the-go. Using the easily downloadable app, receive and sign documents for free. You can receive and sign documents for free, but will need a paid account to send documents; pricing starts at $10 a month. (iOS, Android, Windows, Web).

6.) Wunderlist (Free)
Designed for use on the Web and mobile devices, Wunderlist is a well-designed to-do list and task management program that makes it easy to create a list and add tasks, due dates and reminders. Organize your ideas or focus into separate lists or create tasks within one list. You can also email them with whomever you collaborate, such as a spouse or your real estate agent. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web)

Bonus App for Sellers:

Real Estate Dictionary (Free)
Not sure what all those industry specific terms mean? Search thousands of words and phrases from real estate, mortgage, and financial dictionaries for clear, in-depth definitions. This is a handy app for anyone who’s buying or selling and wants to learn more about the process. (iOS, Android)

Apps For Renters: Get Ready to Buy
Not ready to buy a home just yet? These apps will help you get into the perfect rental while you save money, build a budget and get on track for homeownership.

7.) Mint (Free)
Do you know where your money goes each month? Manage your bills, budget and credit score all in one place. Mint is a free app that helps you view your complete financial picture and track your spending. We recommend this app to anyone, but it’s especially useful for renters who need to crack down on their spending in order to save for a down payment. Use Mint to look for areas you can cut spending in order to save a little extra each month. (iOS, Android)

8.) Acorns ($1 a month to start)
Acorns is modernizing the practice of saving loose change with their automated savings tool. The app rounds up your purchases on linked credit or debit cards, then sweeps the change into a computer-managed investment portfolio. Acorns is free for four years for college students and everyone else pays $1 a month until their account balance hits $5,000, then 0.25% of their account balance per year. This is a useful tool for those who have a hard time saving. (iOS, Android)

9.) Neighborhoods & Apartments
Built for the on-the-go apartment hunter, this app from Walk Score takes the hassle out of finding your next home or apartment and helps you live near the people and places you love. They collect listings from top rental listing sites and we like them because they share how walkable each address is, determined by access to public transit, things to do, bike trails, shorter commutes, etc. (iOS, Android)

Bonus Apps for Renters:

Wally (Free)
Wally is a personal finance app that helps you compare your income to expenses, so you can understand where your money goes each month, and set and achieve goals. Wally lets you keep track of the details as you spend money: where, when, what, why, & how much. We love how simple it is to set a personalized savings target and scan receipts. (iOS, Android)

Credit Karma (Free)
If you’re preparing to buy, boosting your credit score is likely a goal you’ve set. Credit Karma is a free app that allows you to safely monitor your score and receive updates on ways you can improve it over time. They provide financial calculators and educational articles to help you better understand what credit is all about. Check as often as you want, and it doesn’t hurt your score. (iOS, Android, Web)

Apps for Buyers: Find the Perfect Home

When you’re ready to buy, there are several apps that can help you stay on top of the process. Whether you’re browsing online at different neighborhoods and homes and can’t seem to remember where all your saved data and information went or you want to save an important task or a neighborhood or listing clipped from the Web, these apps help you keep it all straight.

10.) Dwellr (Free)
Dwellr is run by the U.S Census Bureau and provides demographic information about the neighborhoods you are considering moving to. You get a variety of education/school, real estate, transportation, and population statistics to give you an idea of what it would be like living there. If you want to get the feel of a potential neighborhood, then Dwellr may just be the app to help you find the best home. (iOS, Android)

11.) Evernote (Free for the Basic version, $34.99 per year for Plus and $69.99 per year for Premium)
Collect ideas, notes and images in one place to access later on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Categorize your notes so you can find them quickly and easily and share them with others in a group notebook. Add the Web Clipper feature to your browser and clip and save articles, blogs and images from the Web. Whether you’re collecting research on a business idea or you’re looking for inspiration for a home renovation, Evernote can help you keep it all together. (Web, iOS, Android)

12.) Mortgage Calculator (Free)
There are a lot of free mortgage calculators available for download that will help you quickly determine what your monthly payment will be while you’re house hunting. We recommend picking your favorite and using it to help you shop in your price range. These numbers should be used as a guide, work with your agent and mortgage professional to learn exactly what type of loan you’ll qualify for. (Web, iOS, Android)

Bonus App for Buyers:

Google Maps (Free)
Google Maps is a must-have for anyone who’s house hunting. When you’re ready to visit a property or check out a neighborhood, you can use Google Maps to give you turn by turn directions to the house. You can use their satellite view to get a good idea how far important things like schools, parks, shopping, bus stops, and restaurants are to a home you are interested in and check out the other houses on the street. (Web, Android, iOS,)

Ready to move beyond the app?
If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home, or know someone who is, keep us in mind because we’re happy to help!  Give us a call at 970-631-7111


1. Pew Research Center, January 12, 2017 http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/01/12/evolution-of-technology/
2. Deloitte, 2016 global mobile consumer survey: US edition https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/global-mobile-consumer-survey-us-edition.html
3. Gallup, July 9, 2015 http://www.gallup.com/poll/184046/smartphone-owners-check-phone-least-hourly.aspx



We have all heard that high prices are great for Sellers and low inventory
is extremely difficult for Buyers.  This is a problem we are facing through
out most of our country.  Trading up has become an increasingly difficult 
prospect across the nation, leaving many homeowners stuck in their starter 
homes. Sometimes for good.

The reasons for the drop in repeat buyers are different for every market, 
but familiar themes crop up across the nation. New home construction hasn't
caught up with demand, exacerbating the lack of homes for sale; there's 
strong competition from investors and foreign buyers who can pay in cash in
the most desirable markets; and many buyers simply haven't recovered enough
equity in their homes since the housing crash to finance a more expensive 
mortgage.  Current home prices have recovered about 80% of their pre-recess-
ion peak value, adjusting for inflation, according to realtor.com® data.
After years of recovery, homeowners are slowly building up equity in their 
homes again. But it's not necessarily as much as they need to afford a 
better home and a bigger mortgage.

Current home prices have recovered about 80% of their pre-recession peak 
value, adjusting for inflation, according to realtor.com® data.
1. Palm Bay, FL
Median price of starter home: $148,000
Median price of trade-up home: $329,900
Price difference: 223%

2 Trade Up
2. Omaha, NE
Median price of starter home: $97,000
Median price of trade-up home: $314,200
Price difference: 320%
3 Trade Up
3. Detroit, MI
Median price of starter home: $60,000
Median price of trade-up home: $269,300
Price difference: 449%

4. Honolulu, HI
Median price of starter home: $325,000
Median price of trade-up home: $875,000
Price difference: 269%
4 Trade Up Hawaii
5. Seattle, WA
Median price of starter home: $254,900
Median price of trade-up home: $549,900
Price difference: 216%

6. Tucson, AZ
Median price of starter home: $148,000
Median price of trade-up home: $300,000
Price difference: 203%
5. Trade Up AZ
7. San Jose, CA
Median price of starter home: $599,000
Median price of trade-up home: $1,186,500
Price difference: 198%

8. Dallas, TX
Median price of starter home: $187,000
Median price of trade-up home: $399,900
Price difference: 214%

9. Sacramento, CA
Median price of starter home: $274,900
Median price of trade-up home: $522,200
Price difference: 190%
9 Trade Up Sacramento
10. Atlanta, GA
Median price of starter home: $139,900
Median price of trade-up home: $339,000
Price difference: 242%
10 Trade Up Atlanta

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visit my website at www.bevwest.Realtor


Don’t miss out on this great buy in Country Club West!

5126 W. 11th St. Rd.

5126 W. 11th St. Rd., Greeley CO http://www.5126w11thstrd.com

Custom home with wood floors on main level, main floor 5-pc master with 2 walk-in closets, spacious living room with plantation shutters, Bose surround system, main floor laundry & basement hook-ups, open kitchen with breakfast bar, pantry, Stainless Steel appliances, eat-in kitchen/living room, covered patio, private-shaded fenced yard.

Finished Basement with fireplace, built-in wall unit, perfect mother-in-law area with wet bar/kitchenette.  Oversized finished & insulated garage, bonus room on upper level plus so much more.  NO HOA FEES!

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At the Women’s Council Of Realtors meeting, we had the opportunity to hear Jake

At the Women’s Council Of Realtors meeting, we had the opportunity to hear Jake Hallauer, VP of Chrisland Real Estate Companies tell us some facts and predictions of what is happening in NOCO.

Trends in NOCO

Hallauer, VP of Chrisland Real Estate Companies tell us some facts and predictions of what is happening in NOCO.

In Summary:

Current Population:  Larimer and Weld County:   635,000+

Apartment Market – Both Ft. Collins/Loveland and Greeley/Evans have a significant increase in appreciation

Ft. Collins/Loveland
Occupancy Rate: 96.69%
Rental Rate: $1.50 $/SF/Month (Does not include garage, pet deposits etc.)

Rental Rates $1.22 $/SF/Month
Occupancy Rate: 95.27%

Cost to build an apartment: Mid $200/SF
Problem: Shortage of Labor Contractors

East of I-25 the Fastest Growing Cities in NOCO
1. Johnstown
2. Milliken
3. Timnath
4. Windsor

Industrial Market
6.1% Vacancy in NOCO
Rental Rates are up 3.6%
Significant Owner/Users Locally: High Country Beverage, Swine Coca-Cola, Woodward Governor, Canyon Bake House

Retail Market
3.9% Vacancy
Rental Rates up 17%
Global Trends:
1. Increasing online sales
2. Fewer Store Openings
3. Category Killers
4. Discounters
5. Entertainment
6. Fast Casual Restaurants
7. Hotels

Office Market

10.2% Vacancy in NOCO
Rental Rates up 14.5%
Locally: Woodward Governor, Broadcom, Banner, UCH, Eye Center of NOCO, Orthopedic Center of the Rockies (OCR)

NOCO Threats to Economic Growth

-Transportation Infrastructure
-Water (How to Store It)
-Building the Talent Pipeline/Additional Employers
-Lack of Significant Wage Growth
-Affordable Housing & Attainable Housing

Expansion Phases
-Construction is expanding at a  faster rate than balance of the economy
-Prediction that these trends will continue in 2nd half of 2017 and 2018
-NOCO expected to continue to grow

We are in an expansion phase of the Real Estate cycle
– Retail is in the hyper-supply phase
– Apartments are in the furthest along in expansion phase
– Office Retail is just moving into the expansion phase

If you would like more information on this or the Residential Single Family Homes, feel free to contact West Realty  at 970-631-7111

One of the main concerns homeowners have when purchasing a property is where to purchase that will hold the best long-term value to protect their biggest asset.

According to “The Best Housing Markets for Growth and Stability in 2017”, the 10 best housing markets for growth and stability are:

Boulder, Colo.
Austin-Round Rock, Texas
Fort Collins, Colo.
Bismarck, N.D.
Midland, Texas
Casper, Wyo.
Billings, Mont.
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Colo.
Grand Forks, N.D.-Minn.
Houma-Thibodaux, La.

If you would like more market data on Boulder, CO, Fort Collins, CO or Denver-Aurora-Lakewood CO or any of the other areas feel free to contact BevWest.Realtor  at 970-631-7111.




According to the experts, there are 10 mistakes we do when trying to organize our “stuff”.  Sometimes when trying to organize piles of paper and heaps of clothes, we end up with a bigger mess than before. So how does it happen?

Here’s the advice the experts recommend:

Mistake No. 1: Buying storage bins before cracking open a drawer or closet.
Measure shelves, closets, and under beds so you know whether the bins and baskets you’re buying will actually fit.  Most people have enough boxes and bags to do the job, so save your money to spend on just the containers that’ll be visible.
Organize 1

Mistake No. 2: Just diving right in
Take a pen, pad, and a few moments to jot down exactly what areas need to be organized and then estimate how much time each area will take, and then write that down, too. When you have an extra hour (or even just 10 minutes), you can pick a spot to work on.

Mistake No. 3: Picking a bad time
Not a morning person? If that’s the case (and yes, we feel your pain), do not plan to organize the pantry at 7 a.m. And if the weather is simply glorious out, there’s no way you’ll want to hole up in the garage. Another timing mistake: waiting for a big block of it to miraculously appear out of thin air.

It’s rare that you’ll have a huge chunk of time to devote to organizing.  Instead, work in increments, chipping away at a large project or finishing a few small ones.

Mistake No. 4: Getting sidetracked searching for supplies
Make sure to keep all the supplies you’ll need well-stocked, such as cleaners, sprays, and every kind of bag, including those for recycling. If everything’s in place, you won’t have to run out for something and end up getting sidetracked altogether.

Mistake No. 5: Making things neat instead of organizing them
Piles of papers that are neatly stacked on the kitchen counter are not organized and stashing things in a drawer to clean off the dining table serves only to create a junk drawer.  To be truly organized, your stuff needs a home.  If you find something on the floor or counter, you should know exactly where it goes.

Mistake No. 6: Rearranging items instead of organizing them
This happens when your things don’t have a proper storage spot.   The fix: Get into the habit of finding a place for new items the minute you bring them home. You might also adopt the “one in, one out” plan, too, especially when it comes to clothing, books, and magazines.

Mistake No. 7: Stashing everything rather than purging
You can’t organize unless you purge. Go ahead, read that sentence again. Accept it.
And if you can’t decide on an item, put it in storage temporarily.  After a few months if you don’t miss it, out it goes.

Mistake No. 8: Doing it alone
Most homeowners need the OK to toss things out, so get a friend or hire a professional organizer to help. Plus it’s no fun sorting Legos and photos all by yourself.

For me-I love to organize. I should have been a professional organizer. I think I need to pay more attention to Mistake #2. I don’t have the time to do it the way I want to have it done.

Need a professional organizer-call me and I will provide you a name to get you started on the right track. It is especially important to organize if you are thinking of moving within the year. Need help to de-clutter, I can help with that.

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